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  • DO plan around 2 hours for your appointment – you want to relax during your treatment and not worry about the things that you should be rushing to.
  • DO NOT wear any eye make-up for your appointment. As make-up removal during your appointment will reduce your treatment time (please remove prior to the appointment)
  • DO NOT wear contact lenses, please wear your glasses or bring a lenses case.
  • DO inform us of any known eye conditions when booking your appointment. In case of infections or other contra-indications* the treatment may not be suitable while this condition persists.
  • DO inform us of any other conditions like claustrophobia or neck problems or any other symptoms that could make your treatment uncomfortable


  • DO NOT visit saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools during the first 48 hours and try to avoid it for prolonged periods thereafter if possible.
  • DO NOT shower hot and long for the next 48 hours (quick warm showers are better)
  • DO treat your lashes very gently. They are delicate.
    Avoid touching the lashes and avoid moisture for the initial 24 hours to allow enough time for the bond to fully set. After this time please only gently brush upwards when necessary with the brush/comb that you will receive from your technician
  • DO NOT under any circumstances rub your eyes vigorously. You will break the bond between the lash extension and your natural lash, which will reduce the lifespan of the lashes. Also, you risk pulling the lash extensions which could pull your own lashes out.
  • DO NOT pick at the lash extension as this will affect the bond between it and your own lash. This may cause irritation to your eye and/or you may pull your own lashes out. If you feel significant discomfort, contact your technician to arrange a removal of your lash extensions.
  • DO NOT use any oil based make-up remover. When removing make-up use a cotton bud near the lash line to prevent damaging the bond.
  • DO NOT use oil based mascara or other products around your eye.
    Your technician can recommend the products that are safe to use in order to enjoy your lash extensions as long as possible. It should not be necessary to use mascara but if you choose to, ensure you use the right products and only apply the mascara to the tip of the lashes – under no circumstances to the base of the lash.
  • DO NOT use any eyelash curlers or other tools to form your lashes. This will break the bond between the lash extension and your natural lash, which will reduce the lifespan of the lashes.
  • DO follow these aftercare instructions to ensure that you can enjoy your lashes for your full lash growth cycle (approximately 60 days)
  • DO get regular Re-Balances (in-fills) done by your technician to maintain the lashes. Recommended every 2-4 weeks but this depends on the style of lash extension you have chosen and also your lash growth cycle. If your cycle is slower you may not need Re-Balances as often. You will notice how often you will need Re-Balances and your technician will give you some tips and book you in regularly.

*contra-indications: Conjunctivitis, Dry Eye Syndrome, Eye infection, Psoriasis, Trichotillomania, Alopecia, Pregnant ladies or nursing mothers.

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